Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Little things make my day

Why can something so small make my day or make me hate my day?

Cooking for my boyfriend (that (m)akes my day, it doesn't let me hate my day, I do it voluntarily). Having the lowest grade in my class, although it is enough to pass that class.(h) Watching a romcom.(m) Missing the bus.(h) A hug from a friend.(m) Leaving the house with wet nail polish, and then accidentally touch my new skirt with my thumb.(h) My brother chatting with me on msn, although we are only two rooms apart.(m) When a friend cancels a fun day shopping because she has to study, and everybody else is already doing something else.(h)

The good thing about little things making my day is that when I have a day off, it's easy to improve it by just a tiny little thing.
Definitely more 'makes' and 'hates' in some of my next posts. What makes or makes you hate your day? Let me know!