Friday, 25 November 2011

My New Vintage Bag

Since a few months we have a new vintage shop in the town where my parents live (and where I officially still live). It sells furniture, clothing old school cameras, tableware... you name it and they have it.  
And this bag is what I bought there. It's a small real leather backpack from Manfield. And I bought it for only €2,50. Can't do wrong with that!

It's a very light weighed bag, great to use when you're going shopping.
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on Urban Outfitters (Urban Outfitters) 

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Yesterday I went to the 'fashion loves art' exhibition in the 'gemeentelijke museum' in Den Haag. And because I've always been interested in art and fashion and especially the combination of the two I was very curious. 
I've never had a complete overview about artists who inspired big haute couture brands, although I knew that designers were inspired by several artists as Mondriaan and by several forms of art as surrealism and kubism.

Somehow I never got to manage to remember which artist inspired which brand, but at the fashion loves art exhibition you get to see which artist or art form inspired which designer and brand in chronological order.

Because of this the exhibition was very clear and I really think I learned something. Unlike other museums there wasn't a large piece of text, but just the most important things you want to know. And to see the original Yves Saint Lauren dresses inspired by Mondriaan and a lot of other original pieces it was interesting during the whole exhibition.