Monday, 30 January 2012

Amsterdam International Fashion Week

Dear all,

Last I week I went to the Amsterdam International Fashion week to on the latest fahion trends for Science of the Time and Code Magazine. I saw a lot of shows, f.e. Bas Kosters. Here's my photo overview of last week. 

Monday, 9 January 2012

Redbull Crashed Ice 2012

One year ago I was there. The first time the Netherlands were the place to be for the International Iceskating World Championship 'Redbull Crashed Ice' on the Cauberg in Valkenburg. There were about 35000 people who wanted to see the ice skaters skate as fast as they could down the big Cauberg. And this year on the 4th of february it's coming back.

The special thing about 'Redbull Crashed Ice' is that it's accessible for everyone. Not only to come and see the ice skaters but also to enter the competition. Everyone can join in and give the spectacular ice rink a try. 

I think this sport is a sport for the next generation. It's not only more spectacular but also much more of an event. It's fun for everyone because of the whole atmosphere. It all fits with the Redbull concept: nice and trendy music, nice food, nice entertainment. All energetic, dynamic and full of fun.
It really feels like sort of a festival with instead of artists, ice skaters.
I think this will eventually grow into a much bigger event as this is just the second edition of it. And as you can see it also provides a VIP party this year.
In ten years there will not only be much more space, much more people and much more contesters, but also more entertainment like live music if this event will keep on growing.