Monday, 17 December 2012

Random act of kindness

Do you ever feel like life just passes by in a tearing rush. it’s like you’re standing between two railroads and trains keep passing and passing. Left…right…..left….right…right…left… 

The one question you can ask yourself at any time is: How are you right now? Right in this moment, how do you feel? Are you ok? A little stressed maybe? When you ask yourself this question you will notice that most of the time you feel ok. You are managing life, you are alive and running. If you live life in the moment it isn't that

Sounds easier than it really is, huh? The daily grind is making it hard for us to live in the moment and we do not really take the time to pause for a sec. to think things over. Tiny moments of happiness are the ones we value the most. We value them because they surprise us and make us value those special moments even more. We are able to create tiny happy moments for others by creating a random act of kindness. A random surprise on the streets, a compliment, a flashmob, a flirtation etc. Tiny acts that create happiness and that take us out of the daily grind. 
A random act of kindness is the best way to change a normal day into a special one. Enjoy random surprises, they’re rare. And surprise someone else once in a while to make people smile and good karma will come. It’s not that hard!