Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Mister Bart

(which means: 'Mister. You say you see us as your own children, but why don't you give us pocket money then?')

Mister Bart is a 30 year-old high school teacher in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In October he started to collect all sorts of quotes of his pupils on his own Tumblr blog.  The quotes varied from touching and moving quotes to the most hilarious ones.

To teach and educate

Mister Bart started his blog mainly for himself so he could not forget the great quotes of his pupils. But still, he gives all the credits for the blog to the children.'It is really all about them', he says. 

Mister Bart is often seen as a father figure for the children, but he is clear in setting his boundaries. He is an involved teacher that wants to teach and educate, but he will never become actual friends with his students. This is a wonderful balance that can be an example for many teachers. 
Mister Bart shows he can have an honest and equivalent connection with youth, which gives him a lot of gratitude and pride in return. 

Monday, 14 January 2013

A lesson in trends

What are trends?

Trends are changes and developments in society that arise from certain big events. Trends are not a prediction of the future, rather an extension of the developments that are happening right nowIt's really just thinking about what are the logical consequences and effects.

Trend levels

You can divide trends in three categories: Microtrends, Maxitrends and Megatrends. Megatrends are noticable for everyone in society, Maxitrends are at a consumer level and Micro is at market level. 

single micro trend can be fed back to a maxitrend, consumer trend, and this one can, in its turn, be fed back to mega trends. Almost every product or service you see and use are therefore eventually based on megatrends. Whether the creators did it on purpose or not. Mega trends are trends that can last from 10 to 30 years. Megatrends are also known as societal trends. These trends are focused on social interests.

Trend factors

You can imagine that there are certain factors where trends emerge from or that can influence them. These are called trend factors. There are 6 trend factors. Factors that have a big influence on trends and therefore our lives? They are generic terms and you must have heard of them in your geography class in high school. Demography, politics, technology. Sociology/culture, economy, ecology.

Example trend pyramid

Here a filled in example of the pyramid with the mega trend: social awareness on environmental issues. 
Mega trend: Social awareness on environmental issues
Maxi trend: Behaviour and Needs: Sustainability
Micro trend: Brands that anticipate

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Evernote, organizing your life

Since a few months I use Evernote to organize my to do lists, to buy lists, my ideas and the things that inspire me. As an ADHD person I most of the time have a lot on my mind and I can't really organize it. Evernote helps me to collect the things I need to do and remember. I can fill in the things on my laptop and I synchronize it with my phone who will give me a reminder when I have a deadline or when I need to do something that week. Here you can see how it works. It really helps me and you should try it as well.